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Because it’s You-One


Cast : Krystal, Kai

Genre: Drama, Romance, angst (not sure).

Lenght: Chapter.

Warning: Just a fiction, dont take it so serious^^ and, forgive me for miss editing/typo.

Faint Sekuel



Because it’s You-One

I don’t know what i feel, it’s just like a river, flow.

When i realize he is not here to hold me tigh.

I just wanna close my eyes, and when i open it i will see him in a few second.

Like he is real for me. Lanjutkan membaca “Because it’s You-One”

Since I Was A…


Author: Mingi Kumiko

Cast: Krystal Jung, Lu Han, etc.

Genre: Fluff, romance.

Leght: Vignette

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Bicycle For Two

Author: Mingi Kumiko (Miku14)

Cast: Park Sun Young, Jung Dae Hyun, etc.

Genre: friendship, romance, and school life

Rating: General

Leght: ficlet

Note: Lagi males pake bahasa baku, jadi bahasanya random gitu.

Disarankan buat dengerin lagu ini pas baca. Soalnya ini songfict. ^^


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