Hey-Yo YeolliPolyGirl’s Here~
Lemme introduce maself XD

★Real Name: Syasha (just call me like that :p)
★Author Name: YeolliPolyGirl
★DOB: 25th December, 1996
★Fandom: I’m Multi-Fandom 
★Bias: So manyyyyyy *plak XD well here’s a few of them: B.A.P’s Daehyun & Zelo, EXO’s Baekhyun; Chanyeol; Kris & Lay, SHINee’s Onew & Jonghyun, Teen Top’s L.Joe, INFINITE’s Woohyun; L; Sungyeol & Hoya, Boyfriend’s Kwangmin & Jeongmin *etc [I told you! so maaaaaany XD]

♡I Love Crack Pairings! (such as EXO-M’s Kris x A-Pink’s Bomi XD)
♡I would like to be friend with everyone! readers and authors here~~ let’s be friend! XD


Contact me maybe? XD

Twitter: @doubleS96

Facebook: Yoo Jangmi

My WP (wordpress): Our Fanfiction Town

AFF (Asian Fanfics) Account: yeollipolygirl

Okay, i think it’s enough XD
bangapseumnidaaa XD
감사함니다 ㅇㅅㅇ

-YeolliPolyGirl (Yoo Jangmi)-