Hello, Mizuky‘s talking here :3

First, lemme introduce ma’ self:

Mizuky as My Pen Name | Diyah Ayu Anggraeni is My Real Name | Zuky‘s calling or anything xD just call me with a good sounds anyway^^~

Imma’ of 98 L | Cockroach’s and many of homeworks‘s hater!

Fanfiction, Art, and Graphics design lovers!

Just  let your imagine flow as water as calm~ | Fantasy addict – MysteryGore’s Lover | A Dreamer | A Girl Who Born to be a Queen.


Just F(x)‘s Fans until forever :3 In ♥ with F(5), Of Course!


For Ultimate: Krystal Jung! others? maybe, it will be a drabble fic if i write all O.O


Myungstal <- Hardcore for them.



SeStal, KaiStal, and exostal tbh ._.

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